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"C" and "X" symbols


I have some sheet music I downloaded that includes a capital C to the right of some chords in the bass part and also a  capital X placed similarly above or near the notes (not an accidental double sharp).

Has anyone seen these symbols before and can you please identify them for me?

Thanks for your time!

Re: "C" and "X" symbols

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In case you downloaded the music as NWC files, they could be symbols from the Boxmarks2 font. However they are meaningful only as lowercase letters, but if so, a c means arpeggio and x seems to be some kind of a crescendo or perhaps an accent.

Download and install the Boxmarks2 font from the NWC Scriptorium, and those symbols should show up OK (of course only if you downloaded the files in NWC format).


Re: "C" and "X" symbols

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More generally: NWC allows you to specify "user fonts." But these fonts are not embedded in the NWC file - they must be installed on the system of whoever uses the file. If a user font isn't found, then a generic font is substituted - often with surprises! "Boxmarks" (or Boxmark2) is a common user font for adding free notation.