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font distribution

I intend to distribute my composed music digitally by sending my music in a microsoft word file 2000 (as *.DOC)

My music has been copied into Word as a WMF file from noteworthy.

I have no problem with my students viewing the music as long as I send them the noteworthy truetype font alongside the DOC file.

Am I allowed to distribute the noteworthy font?  If not, is there another font I can distribute to my students that will show my music exactly the same?

If the alternative is a jazz font, I would be happy with that.

Thank you for all help.

Re: font distribution

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NoteWorthy Player is 'free' and must use the NWCV15 font so I assume that all you have to du is provide the students with the player-package and Word will have access to the font.

Re: font distribution

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You might also be able to embed any necessary fonts into your Word documents. You might need to actually use the NWC font somewhere in the document other than the embedded WMF in order to force its inclusion.

You might also consider the PDF alternative for distribution of printable files.

Re: font distribution

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Yes, you're definitely better off using PDF Creator or PDF995 both free downloads and 'print' the files to pdf for distribution. They will then always look the same and no problems if the recipients haven't got Boxmarks or New7 or Verdana2 or whatever fancy fonts you use.

Re: font distribution

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Just how does one go about embedding fonts into Word?
I've sent music to friends before, and they all asked what those Xs, Ns, and Zs were doing all over the music...

Re: font distribution

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To embed fonts in a Word document; choose 'options' from the Tools menu, click on the Save-tab and select 'Embed TrueType fonts'. The trouble is that word seems not to take into account that the graphics you’ve included in the document (from NoteworthyComposer) consists largely of characters of a font. That’s ( I presume) why Noteworthy Online says. “You might need to actually use the NWC font somewhere in the document…...” In Reply 2.
Never thought of that, might try it myself.

Re: font distribution

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I gonna try that tonight!

Re: font distribution

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Hello folks!

I have a question too... can Macintosh OS X computers use Windows TTF files?

If I embed NWCV15.TTF in my windows Word 2000 document and send it to a friend using the latest Microsoft Office on Macintosh, will they be able to view the music correctly?

I love Noteworthy Composer -- if only operating systems were as good!