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Sound somethimes changes

My soundcard is a Creative SB Audigy. My problem is that when I play songs in Noteworthy Composer and uses the "SB audigy sw synt (3000)" device for playback, the sound somethimes is ok, but somethimes it has way too much "room effects" or something. I haven`t found any way to change this back to normal. I haven`t found out why or when this happens, but i suspect that some midifiles downloaded from the net changes something. Can anyone help me?

Sorry for my bad and childlike english, but i`m Norwegian you see...

Re: Sound somethimes changes

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This might be due to MPC settings that do not become reset after playing a song; sound might have a wrong pitch, too much chorus or reverb etc.

Also, sometimes a poorly designed midi player does not reset the controllers even if playback is stopped normally.

If a song sounds wrong, try clicking on stop twice. The first click stops playback and the other will make NWC reset all hanging notes or pedals and at least some of the MPC controllers.

If this doesn't help, try restarting NWC. This will open and close the MIDI device, most probably resulting in the controllers being reset.

A final solution is of course a reboot; this is very rarely needed, though.

Re: Sound somethimes changes

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I`ve tried those things about a hundred times, but it doesn`t work.

I thought I had figured it out. I downloaded a file called "reset5!.nwc", ran it, and everything turned back to normal. But today everything sounds bad again. I`ve tryed the reset-file several times, but now it doesn`t have any effect. Is there some parameter that that file doesn`t reset?

I have also made sure that the "EAX" function on Creative Playcenter is reseted and turned off. I don`t know if this affects the nwc, but just in case...

I might also mention that the "room-effect" only appears when i use the "sb audigy sw synth(3000)"-device. When I use the "sb audigy synt", a or b, everything sounds normal

Re: Sound somethimes changes

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Chances are that the soundcard software includes several routines that start up every time you boot, but that aren't terribly useful and may be causing your problems.

You can identify every program running in the background using EndItAll 2, a PC Magazine utility.  It shows the files that Program Managaer/Task Manager won't.  Download it from

Now you know what's running, you can look many of them up in the Task sectino of

Answersthatwork will suggest you don't need some of the programs; I've always found that to be reliable advice.  Turn them off using EndItAll, and keep them from starting every time you boot by using StartCop (another PC Magazine utility), which can be downloaded here

Scan all these downloads before opening them - always a good practice.

Re: Sound somethimes changes

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No, that didn`t help.

I Use EndItAll before playing any game, but I haven`t used it before starting NWC. I tryed it and closed every program I was allowed to, but it didnt help.

The page was very interresting and I now have the "Startup Cop" working for me. Thanks for the tip.

Anything else I should try?

Re: Sound somethimes changes

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New driver solved the problem.