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Tie Glitch

In one of my songs, there are 2 cases where I have many measures of whole notes tied together (being played by the overdriven guitar: Gen. midi 030). It plays the tied notes just fine, that isn't the problem. The problem is, it had so much fun playing those tied notes, it just decided to keep playing them through the rest of the song. The result?
An extremely long note held untill the end of the piece. Sometimes it sounds okay with the chord, but mostly it conflicts with all the other parts being played, which makes for a pretty nasty sound. If anyone has any ideas, suggestions, or whatnot, any information on how to fix this, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
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Re: Tie Glitch

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The usual reason for this is because the initial note has an accidental. You need to specify the accidental again on the new note (assuming it's in the next bar).


Re: Tie Glitch

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I appreciate your help, thanks, but it is just a regular F being played, no accidental. Any other reasons that you know of why? If maybe there is some patch I dont know about that'll fix this irritating bug? Gracias, Chrish

Re: Tie Glitch

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I assume you have identified the staff where this happens.  If not, highlight each staff and hit shift/F5 to find it.  While doing this, temporarily inserting a very fast tempo would help.

After identifying the staff (reset tempo if necessary), pay close attention to where you are first aware of the problem.  For example, if measure 100 is OK but you hear a tied F in measure 300, listen to 100-200 on that staff.  If a problem see if m. 150 is OK--if no problem on 200, focus on measures 200-300, i.e., is m. 250 OK.  You are looking for an F natural tied to something other than an F or some other note where it should be a slur for example.

This is another way to look for it:  Go to the front end of the staff enter cntl/F and paste in the following:

|Note|Duration:*|PitchPos:F 5@3|Visibility:Default

That was created by copying an F to the clipboard, doing a cntl/F and pasting it into the expression.  Once there I replaced the duration with an asterisk to indicate I would accept that F with any duration.  After you find the first one, hit F3 until you find an F natural tied to something other than an F natural.
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Re: Tie Glitch

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The first thing I'd do would be to use the Find facility to search for hanging ties (it's one of the Find options).

Another possibility is that you've got a tie going nowhere. This can happen if you tie two or more notes, then delete the last note (or move it). The tie will then try to find the next instance of that note, if it doesn't find one it will hang indefinitely.

A third possibility is that you're using the "pedal" controller to sustain the note(s) on a staff, and forgot to turn it off again later.

Re: Tie Glitch

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I think you highlighted over the barline before you selected the tie