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MIDI File Creation

I have just downloaded a copy of Noteworthy Composer v1.3f.

The program looks really fantastic, and i am keen to try out some of the editing on it. However, I do not wish to use the standard edit functions for creating scores, as I would much rather use my electronic keyboard to play the music and transfer the details to the computer as a MIDI file.

I have a Soundblaster 16 card, but obviously need some software to receive the MIDI information from the keyboard.

Noteworthy does not do this. Can anyone suggest a suitable program to capture the MIDI data frommm where it can be imported into Noteworthy. Alternatively, can you suggest where I might search.

Thanks very much.

Re: MIDI File Creation

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There are some inexpensive sequencers on the market, and a few programs can be found on the net. try a search engine to look around.

By the way, the next release of NWC will include some rudimentary MIDI input. Stay tuned to this site for more details as we make them available. Even so, it is not a bad idea to have a MIDI sequencer in your portfolio of compositional tools.

I hope this helps.