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Cresc / Dim ( < > type )

Well this program is great and I have been using it for a number of years now. There is a big limitation as far as I'm concerned - hairpins (<, > cresc and dim). I have posted this on the wish list thing a few times now over the past few years.

I have used the crescedo font, but its really not the same. I simply cannot understand why this feature has been left out!

Is there any plan to add this feature? In my opinion it is absolutely nessecary!

Re: Cresc / Dim ( < > type )

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Ah, NWC has never made advance public announcements of its plans. The item is a popular wish-list request, though.

I was just looking through my small collection of SATB hymns, and realized that hardly any of them have hairpins. Probably because the singers would ignore them, anyway.

Re: Cresc / Dim ( < > type )

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Thats a shame. I don't want to resort to other packages which do offer the features I want, because NWC is just so easy to use! I have Finale2001 which is superb but NWC beats it hands down for ease of use...

Musicians ignoring dynamics?! You need to lay down the law :) I can relate to that though, many players in my local brass band need to have their parts marked with florescent yellow or they leave it all out! :(

Re: Cresc / Dim ( < > type )

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My band plays < well enough, but >?  Forget it.
We just keep getting louder and louder and...

Re: Cresc / Dim ( < > type )

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...and "subito p" can be defined as the opportunity for a third trumpet player to solo !!!

Re: Cresc / Dim ( < > type )

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Hey the sub forte or piano sounds like a great idea!  I agree with you too, Eddy.  When I used to be in the high school choir a lot of the students would sing louder and louder when there's a p or a pp, or maybe a ppp!