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Hi!  I just downloaded Noteworthy Composer 1.75 a few months and I reaally like it.  I need some help though.  Where can you find a "speaking note", you know the one that kinda looks like x| or something?  Thanks.


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Hi Amber,

The 'speaking note' as you call it, does not exist on Noteworthy, all notes are purely 'notational' and not 'representational', as I have found when trying to write percussion music with the programme.

There must be some way of changing the fonts for the active staff so that a percussion staff can be created, but as yet, I haven't worked out how to do it.

Best of luck with the programme - Happy Composing!

John x


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Your question is related to "drum notes" or "x-head notes," which have been discussed on this forum many times.

NWC v. 1.75 does not internally have x-head not capability. Nevertheless, it is possible to do it for limited purposes.

If your entire composition has only x-head notes, then you can fool the program by substituting an altered version of the NWCV15 font. This technique (not for the faint of heart) is described in the Scriptorium.

If x-head notes are present in only part of your composition (a few spoken words among otherwise-ordinary music) then do this: First, go to the Scriptorium and get a font with x-head notes. (e.g., Bongos). Install the font, and define it as a user font in your NWC composition. (File > page setup). Compose your music as usual. Where the notes are supposed to be spoken, highlight the notes, right-click to get the notes properties dialog box, and make the note invisible. They will be light grey in the editor, invisible on the printout. Then, place x-head notes as TEXT items atop the now-hidden music. There are various ways to align the text with the underlying note; experiment until you get what you want (use print preview).

The Scriptorium can be found from "user links" on the NWC site.