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Faking special endings with layering
Many of us must have wished to widen the range of special endings over more than one measure. At least I did and since I didn't have the chance to wait for the wish come true, I figured out a workaround.

Make a second staff and fill it with either the exact data of the original or with rests. One thing is important: the beats have to be simultaneous.

At the point of question, alter the time signature as implemented in the example file and play with the visibility options of the special endings as necessary. Make sure you set the Upper Vertical Sizes of the two staves to the same values.

Consult the file, since it would express much more and better than my poor language.

Feedback appreciated.

PS: A real music file utilizing this tip will soon be submitted to the Newsgroup

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Re: Faking special endings with layering
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I understood what you meant by to widen the range of special endings over more than one measure by seeing your NWC example.
Thanks for this tip, I agree that it's more readable like this, even if it may not follow the standard rules.

However, I'm surprised that you didn't indicate 8:4 again at the 2nd ending: logically, this measure should be 4:4, since the last time sig. seen was the one at the measure one (via repeat). Is this an NWC bug, an illogism in the standard or simply my understanding??
It works too by indicating it 8:4 again, so I will do so, as I find this more clear.

Re: Faking special endings with layering
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Mea culpa...

Corrected as suggested.