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Transcribing Divisi Parts

If you want the top line notes on the staff to have flags up and the bottom line to have flags down - it's easy.  Enter the bottom note first, with the flag down toggle on (shift and down arrow).  When you enter the top part, toggle the flag up before you enter the note (I have to press shift and up twice to make this work).  Presto! both divisi lines (i.e. duet) can be printed on a single staff chart.

Oh, yeah, to enter the top note, do the same as you would when entering a second note of a chord - use Control Enter.

Re: Transcribing Divisi Parts

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Editor's Note: NoteWorthy Composer only supports one voice per staff. You can force it to look like two voices in some cases by using the stem direction control and changing longer duration notes into several smaller ones to get the chords right. You can read all about the chord rules in the Help menu by searching on Chord Member Command. The smallest duration in a chord is what is counted for measures.

The Staff Layering Feature allows you to enter each voice on a staff and then merge the staves for printing.