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dynamic variances

Can you put Crescendo's and Decresceno's as symbols (<,>) instead of the word abbreviations? And if so, can they be stretched under several measures of notes?

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Not natively in NWC, but there are workarounds. One is a font called Crescendo that you can download from the helpful files page of the NWC Scriptorium. This font contains cresc. and dim. hairpins of varying lengths that you can insert as text items into NWC scores. Because these are just text items, however, they have no actual impact on NWC's playback (or MIDI export) of the file. For that you need to use NWC's builtin dynamic variances. Fortunately these can be hidden (visibility = never) so that the score both looks and sounds right.

Re: dynamic variances

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"Crescendo's and Decresceno's" is not correct. The proper pluralization is "Crescendos and Decrescendos."

Re: dynamic variances

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PLEASE stop calling it a Decrescendo!  I know it's in all the music dictionaries, but the real term is Diminuendo!

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If the Royal College of Music in London include "decrescendo" in their theory book (with exactly the same definition as "diminuendo"), then that's good enough for me.

BTW, isn't this pedantry a little unhelpful to Kay who asked a straightforward question and got a perfectly good answer from Grant?

Re: dynamic variances

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Does anyone know if there any plans to ever include built-in symbols for crescendo and diminuendo (that's for Joe)?  I find the special fonts very tiresome, since they don't always scale nicely, and I have to account for page crossings, etc.  It seems like it could be added as a print option, using the dynamic variance annotation that's already there.

Re: dynamic variances

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I !italic(wished) for drawing objects identical to text expressions.

If that were granted, our program will gain much functionality, maybe for the cost of somehow bigger files, though not much bigger.

Why don't you just !bolditalic(do) the same, so that we have one more vote, fwiw?


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