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Comments on 131d

Just upgraded from 1.30 to 1.31d. The MIDI input feature is great to have - I hadn't thought that I would use it, having gotten by so well without it, and having had bad experiences with other software's MIDI input - but NWC's works very well. The only complaint I have about it is that I wish it wouldn't stop recording at the end of the staff. If I tget inspired and start playing my heart out, I end up losing everything past the nth bar with no warning. Since my keyboard is to the left of my computer, I can't just watch the screen while in the throes of the Muse.

Also, I was disappointed in the way the Print menus were changed. Why did you put the print size on Page Setup and the staves-per-page display on the Print menu, so that I can no longer see them at the same time? It was extremely convenient - nay, essential - to be able to adjust the font size and watch the estimated number of systems per page to change (even though NWC got it wrong sometimes). Now it is a big pain in the butt.

Also, for some reason I had the idea that it would be possible to remember the staff position for dynamic markings, tempo variances, etc. from menu to menu. That isn't the case. Allow me to request that I be able to set a default value. Generally I want to put all my ff, pp, cresc, dim in the same position relative to the staff, NOT where I happen to have my mouse pointed. Since I use the computer keyboard for entry almost exclusively, this is very important to me.

Well, thanks for listening, and for continuing to enhance a marvelous product.