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using samples as patches
I have samples on my hard drive that I would like to use as patches or instruments (or whatever they're called). Is this possible? Thanks in advance.

Re: using samples as patches
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This depends on your setup. If your MIDI setup supports sound fonts, then you can create a custom sound font with your sounds. If you do a little searching for soundfont in this forum, and around the web, you can learn the full details of how to do this.

Re: using samples as patches
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...and even if your setup is not soundfont-capable, you can render your midi files to wav by Audio Compositor and use your soundfonts as "instrument file"s.

Warning: you may experience clicks in the resulted wave.

Re: using samples as patches
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Further to Noteworthy's reply:
If you have a soundfont-capable soundcard, look for Vienna. I think that early versions of it (at least) are freely downloadable. You'll need to roll up your sleeves a bit to get the sounds working really well, but if quick and dirty suits, it shouldn't be too difficult. Note that these sorts of programs do have a steep learning curve to start with, so maybe Audio Compositor is easier?


Re: using samples as patches
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You can't make sfs w. Audio Compositor. It stands for converting midi data to waveform using several types of "instrument files" including sf2s.

Btw, it's easy to use, indeed.