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Help! w/ importing midi file in another sequencer
Help!! I created some files in noteworthy and have exported them as both type 0 and 1 midi files, and tried to import them into another program (Reason by Propellerheads). The notation marks show up and play, but the file does not save properly in Reason. I understand this is probably a question more for a Reason help forum, but I'd like to get as much input as I can. Noteworthy is the only program I have problems with, but other than that I love the simplicity and results it delivers. Thanks to the Noteworthy employees for continuing to update a great program!

Re: Help! w/ importing midi file in another sequencer
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Although I don't have the sequencer program you have, I do have a different one. So far, I've had no problem bring a MIDI from NWC into the other sequencer, and saving the result in that other format. Maybe it depends upon the complexity of the score, or usage of special features. MIDI does not carry all visual notation information, no matter what program you use. That is, MIDI files contain playing instructions, not page layout information. So even if moving from one sequencer to another via MIDI is successful, the results may look different as notation.

Re: Help! w/ importing midi file in another sequencer
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NWC exports standard MIDI files, and generally speaking, doesn't do anything out of the orinary when creating the MIDI sequence. If you are having trouble with other software working with these MIDI files, your best bet is to check in with support for the other product.