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Drums in NWC

Just in case you did not see message , you can now do drums with NWC. THIS INFORMATION IS ENTIRELY THE WORK OF ROBERT ALLEGEYER. There are two ways of using drums in NWC, but first you have to download his font by clicking here and then install it. Now you have two options

1) Make a drum composition as if you did not notice that the heads were round instead of Xed. Then make a WMF image out of this music. If you have your "Old Dos and Windows Files" still installed on your computer, you can then open the start menu, click run and in the box type edit. Once in editor, navigate your way to the file and open it -- IN BINARY MODE. The line width can be anything, but if you type 9999 then the editor will only allow write over things not add. If you do add something, the file will not work. So now that you have your file up, then use the find command to find NWCV15. Press the insert button on your keyboard. The cursor will become a block. Move it to the "N" in NWCV15. Type 'Banger' (without the qotes). Once opened, the notes will have X heads.

2)You can make a copy of NWC to do drums. You can follow the steps described above except You are dealing with the program copy not a WMF. Now when you open "NoteWorthy Drummer" you will only get X headed notes.

The alto or C clef is the clef with the Drum sign which was drawn in the font as || . If you do not have MS dos editor, then you need a hex editor.

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Sounds like manuscript would be quicker ;)

Congrats on all the hard work, if I used NWC for percussion music I would definately use this method.

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I have already done option number to and, if it is legal will send it to anyone who wants or I will post it on the web.

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Thanks for the endorsement!

Actually, my own editing method (using a free hex editor) is a no-brainer. The technique is surprisingly easy. Instrutions come with the font.

However, even though I am not in the business of enforcing NWC's rights, I discourage anyone from distributing a knock-off of their program edited to call my "Banger" font rather than NWCV15. I am quite sure that this is a no-no, and it runs the risk of being intermingled with the real thing by accident.

At least in the U.S., it is "fair use" for a registered user to hex-edit his or her own copy to use my font, without residstribution. (That is not a legal opinion, just my own.)

For those of you who really want some X-head notation, try it.

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For you weekend warriors, I re-posted this message. The "Banger" font is still there.

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For those of you who have used my "Banger" font to make x-head notes in a WMF exported from NWC: Another user has posted a comparable font on the Scriptorium. The methodology is virtually identical. However, his instructions are more accessible to the average user, since they do not require a hex editor. Therefore, the "Banger" font is obsolete. I will remove it in the near futire. Anyone who is already using it may continue to do so.

Since there is more than one message thread on this subject, I am posting this notice in duplicate.