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Drum-head notation in WMF: possible.

Under limited circumstances, it is possible to have X-head or other alternative note-heads appear in the printout of a NWC composition, when a placeable WMF is used. This does not affect the NWC prgram or original NWC file, nor the MIDI, only the WMF.

A WMF contains references to fonts used. If a hex editor program replaces "NWCV15" with some other 6-character font name in the WMF, then the substitute font will appear when the WMF is placed within MS Word or orpened in a graphics program. If you have a hex editor, try it with the Symbol font and see.

A free hex editor called "frhed" is downloadable. Search for it.

Thus, it is possible (without violating NWC's copyright) to create a substitute font, with ordinary note-heads replaced with something such as crosses or diamonds. Drawn objects, such as stems, ties, and beams, are not affected. It is also possible to replace the 5-line staff with a single line.

I have tried this strategy myself, and it works.

Is anyon else interested? If so, give me feedback.

Important: This is not a method for creating a jazz font, or a "handwritten" font. It is only for substituting note-head shapes.

Important: The technique cannot select a single staff within a multi-staff composition. It is a global operation that will change every note-head within a WMF. If you want to have one staff with ordinary note-heads, and one staff with drum-crosses within a single composition, then you would have to create separate NWC compositions with separate WMFs, and interleave them.

I am neither a drummer nor a professional font creator. But the technique involved here, once I finish the font, is free and relatively no-brainer.

If there is consensus as to what style of note-head is needed, I will proceed. But otherwise, not.

Re: Drum-head notation in WMF: possible.

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I would be interested in a font that would let you write out drum parts for jazz, etc.... I've been trying to work out a full ensemble jazz arrangment of one of my pieces over the past few days, and the entire rhythm section has me sort of confounded. I'm not a drummer either, but I think the X or diamond head would be a welcome option. One question though: would it affect all of the notes in the staff, or just selected ones? I believe the bass, snare, etc. are regularly notated with the usual black circle, and I wouldn't want those to be changed.

Re: Drum-head notation in WMF: possible.

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Unfortunately, my method is global: it affects every note-head in a WMF the same way. All filled note heads (quarters, eighths, etc) would change to one thing, all half note heads would change to another thing, all whole note heads would change to a third thing. Also, contrary to my original believe, there is less flexibility in where stems would attach to note heads.

Unless I got a lot of responses all indicating that this is what was needed, I wouldn't bother with the font. So far, every response (most off-forum by E-mail) have indicated, as with your reply, that this is not what is needed. So I probably won't do the font.

I know there are a lot of readers of this forum other than the contributors. Another thing I posted a couple of weeks ago got about 30 hits within the first day. The only place where the URL was given was on this forum.

Re: Drum-head notation in WMF: possible.

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Sensible, but useless!

My best suggestion for putting cymbal notations or diamong characters instead of black heads is through BitMap, not Metafile! Of course, you'd need to install the 16-bit version next to the 32-bit everybody has, but it works nice!

Better still, you get to draw your OWN PERSONALIZED cymbal header! ;-) Once done - with Paint or any other BMP editor - you can insert the chart into a Word text file, even adjust the exact size you want it, and Voilà!

Although I'd still prefer to see a header option in the next version...