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Free, original font

I have created a music notation font -- free public license. This is NOT a general-purpose font, and probably would not be of much use as user-defined text within NWC (I am working on something for that, too).

This font is called MusiSync2000. It is intended for in-line placement of a series of notes just as you would place text within a word processor. It could be used for learning the rhythm of songs by hand-clapping (that is why I created it) but it cannot express pitch or chords.

See for yourself:

Feedback is welcome, but I am not a professional font designer (nor a professional musician) so don't expect much!

Re: Free, original font

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Could somebody make a jazz font for NWC? please :)

Re: Free, original font

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If someone does make a Jazz font, it won't be me. My "Musisync2000" font was something I created for my own purposes, and am now releasing.

I know that there are some of you out there who downloaded my font. Stay tuned: Based on some other feedback, I am making some changes to improve its readability and transportability. This will not be a big deal, but the revision "MusiSync2001" will be up in another day or so. Same URL.

Re: Free, original font

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The MusiSync2001 font is now posted on-line. Go to the URL shown above for MusiSync2000, and follow the links to the new page.

I know that there are several dozen of you who downloaded the original MusiSync2000 font. Please regard it as "obsolete" and use MusiSync2001 instead.

The new font is slightly better drawn. It has ISO-Latin rather than symbol encoding. This means that the notation can be more readily converted back-and-forth to plain text with ordinary text editors.

The placement of symbols in the new font is not necessarily at the same keystroke locations as in the old font.

Character widths are now integer multiples of the space width, rather than proportionately spaced. This will allow alignment of symbols on two text lines.

Please discard the original 2000 font if you have it, and use the 2001 version instead. As before, it is free public license.

Side note: Regarding a Jazz font, or any other specialty font intended to show an alternative note style within NWC. Noteworthy actually "assembles" most notes from individual components: note-heads, stems, and flags. Merely creating a different font would not mean that the font could be used as an alternative to NWCV15. For certain applications, there IS a way to achieve variations without hacking the NWC program, but it requires the use of an outside commercial drawing application that most don't have.

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