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Version 1.55a and Windows Me - compatible?

I am a registered user of NoteWorthy Composer and the version I own is Version 1.55a and it is possible that I also used a different email address at the time.
However, since I obtained the program, I have just purchased a brand new PC and the operating system is Windows Millenium.
I understand that there is a 1.7 version and judging from the forum, a better version. My question is: do I install the 1.55a version on Windows Me and then upgrade from that. OR is the download version of 1.7 a completely new version and should I install that instead?

Re: Version 1.55a and Windows Me - compatible?

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The choice is up to you. As a registered user, you are already licensed to use version 1.70. You can reduce the effort by directly installing version 1.70 on your new system, then activating it with your registration from your User's Guide.