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Grace Notes

How do I notate grace notes? I keep stumbling over them all the time, and I am at a loss. For now I just leave them out. Will there be a fix?

P.S. Compared to Cubase Noteworthy still wins! D.S.

Re: Grace Notes

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NWC doesn't support or recognise grace notes, though so many people have asked for it (and trills, mordants, etc), that I imagine that Eric would be considering it!

Sometimes, you can just enter the notes straight in. They will look as big as the normal notes, but apart from that, will behave closely to how you would expect. The biggest problem you will come up with doing it this way is matching up the bar lines of different staves, this is because the extra notes make the bars longer (obviously). One thing to do is to change the length of the preceding note to accomodate the auxiliary note. This ends up looking very messy, but with prudent use of copy/paste and moving notes up and down, becomes very easy to enter.

We're all expectantly waiting with bated breath (baited breath smells bad) for Eric to pull some electronic rabbit out of his hat.