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Lyric offset: bug?

With 1.70 whether I give a positive or a negative value to the lyric offset command, it puts the lyrics closer to the staff (with bottom). I don't remember this happening in the earlier version.

Could I be doing something wrong, or might this be a bug?


It IS a Great program!

Re: Lyric offset: bug?

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In the past, the program always automatically fit the lyrics under or above the staff by increasing the staff size as needed. It no longer does this if you use a negative offset. When using negative offsets, you have to size the staff manually from Staff | Properties.

Re: Lyric offset: bug?

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Bug: The lyric editor automatically makes room for lyrics in the staff, when possible. It shouls not do this if the lyrics use a negative offset, as the user is intentionally trying to shift the lyrics out of the primary staff area.

Status: Confirmed; Fix completed for version 1.70