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Staff length and layout

Is there any easy way to put the staff equivalent of a new paragraph into the score? I am doing some liturgical settings, very short sequences, and I need each sequence to begin on a new line. I have experimented with blank text entries, but this is unsatisfactory because the staff continues on to the end of the line, after the music, and after the section close. All advice gratefully received. Yours, Moray McConnachie

Re: Staff length and layout

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I second this request. In transcribing music for our banjo club, I would like to have the ability to insert a break so that the chorus is separate and distinct. i.e. I would like not only a staff break function, but even a page break as well so that I can put the chorus on a separate page if doing so doesn't result in excess pages.

I realize that I can provide a page break between verse and chorus by using two separate scores, but this results in a very complex library to maintain. nightmare.

Re: Staff Length and Layout

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Staff Length - If you mean the staff extends to the full width of the page - click off extend last system in the Page Layout dialogue. About requiring sections starting on separate lines - if you intend to print the full score in sections - create it that way and print each separately, adjusting page numbers and omitting titles as required. If you intend to produce individual parts with sections starting on a separate line - then try Cut Special and paste into software like Microsoft Publisher. You may have to add closing bar lines using the Line Tool in Pub to finish of a staff. Hope I understood!

Re: Staff length and layout

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Moray, if your sequences are REALLY short, perhaps you could try pasting snippet-by-snippet into some sort of Picture compatible word processor (M$ Word springs to mind as an example).

Select your snippet, and then use Edit | Copy Special. You can then specify if you want to copy just one staff or all of them. Then just paste into your WP doc and arrange as you wish.

The next step (listening, Eric?) would be for Noteworthy Composer to register itself as an OLE server, and then we would side-step the book-keeping nightmare this method creates.