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Keyboard entry with SB16

I am having some trouble setting up my keyboard with a SB16 card. When I record all I get is a load of rubbish, and I cannot get the single note option to work at all.

I ahve contacted NW support and they suggested getting hold of the latest driver, which I have done. They also suggested checking the midi input. I used the echo feature, with the keyboard sound switched off, to put the keyboard oouput on to the sound card.

This also produced a load of rubbish. If a single key was pressed a note sounded, but not the right one. If I pressed the same note repeatedly I got different notes. If I held a note down until it had stopped sounding I frequently, not always, got a note when I relsed the key.

Does anyone know a solution to this? Your help would be much appreciated.

PS My system is a DX266 with 16Mb ram running W95.