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Unsychronized or uneven lyrics

I want to screen record each voice so that the singers can learn their voice. But when it comes to layer with next staffs in order to be able to print it as a song sheet, the lyrics is not even or unsynchronized.
My question how can we make the lyrics of 2 to 4th staff unvisible, sothat it just shows the full lyric of? the 1st staff.

See attached, it is because of some notes in the other staves are not the same in tempo/value of the note.

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Re: Unsychronized or uneven lyrics

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There's no attached file, but I would think you would just let the Lyric Line Count on staffs 2, 3 and 4 to be zero.  Since the lyrics for those staffs will be deleted, I would copy them to a text file first, so you can just copy them back when you're ready for lyrics in those staffs.