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distance between staffs

When I want to print a music sheet, the distance between the staffs on the second page (and may be the next pages also) have a larger distance between the notes.
I think it's a simple setting to set the distance on all pages the same.
The option to justify printed systems vertically is disabled.

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Re: distance between staffs

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Dear Marianne,

Are you sure the distance between the staves is really different?

You can try to disable the Title Page Info in the "Page Setup / Options". If I do this on a score I have with multiple pages, the first page filled to exact the same distance from the top. This "proves that also the distance between the staves must be the same.

With the Title Page Info enabled (=default value), the title and Authors take some space and the first page is filling also the lower part of first page, while the following pages has more white space at the bottom.
This gives the impression that the staves are further apart, but in fact they aren't.


Re: distance between staffs

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See if File / Page setup / Options / Justify printed systems vertically fixes your problem.


Re: distance between staffs

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I guess I was suggesting she enable it. but the statement was unclear.  Is she asking about the distance between systems or the distance between notes?  Both are user variables. 

In any event, if it's the former, adjusting the vertical height of a staff in the first bar of each page may accomplish what she needs.