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publication on the WWW

I am looking for a way to publicate a NWC song on the WWW.
It seems an export to MIDI type 0 or type 1 does not help.
The URL should be accessible without installing other software.

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Re: publication on the WWW

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Hi Marianne,

As long as there are no copyright issues involved, then you can send it to me with the appropriate info file for publication on the Scriptorium.

The URL for the Scriptorium is and you can see the latest pieces of music that have been published here :

Information about how to send me submissions for publication is here :

If this is not what you meant, then please explain further what you are trying to do.



Re: publication on the WWW

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You can always convert the song to MP3 (or aac or similar) and publish that file.

Re: publication on the WWW

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You can also use and publish a screen capture. This is a Thais accompaniment on YouTube.
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Re: publication on the WWW

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I have now started using Youtube - this looks e.g. like this:
or like that:
In the Youtube description, I add links to PDFs or other files I'd like to publish. If anyone wants to know how I do that, I can write up a short description; and of course, I am open to any suggestions!



Re: publication on the WWW

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I occasionally create music videos in the Windows 10 video app on my computer. It requires still photos or a video to which I either add an mp3 file created from NWC (or most often a live performance of a score created with NWC). When uploaded to YouTube, it provides a clickable link to share with others. This may not be what you are looking for, but it is one way to share the composition but not the notation. It came in very handy during the pandemic!