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Space for second page title

I should be able to figure this out, but I can't seem to do it easily. Piece has no lyrics. I am using PageTxtMaestro and multiple PgTxts as the first items in the file to create title information. I have the Staff Upper and Lower Boundaries set to 38 and 5 to allow room for the title lines. In the second measure I have a Boundary Change with Set new boundary offset set to 15 and 5 for the staff lines after the first. But this is too close to the top on the second page. I could add two additional Boundary Changes for the top and other staves on the second page, but I would have to figure out exactly where in the score to add them. And this would get very tedious for a ten-page work. Is there one object or setting to leave extra space at the top of every page?

Re: Space for second page title

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Change the top margin setting?  This will affect every page, but maybe you can adjust the space for the first page to accommodate?  I assume you have turned off "Title Page Info" given you are using PageTxtMaestro for this function.
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Re: Space for second page title

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That was easier than I thought. I thought that the PgTxt data would be bound by the margin, but I see that the y location can be negative. Problem solved! Thanks.