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16-bit NWC?

Hi, registered to make this post.

Does anyone know where I can get a 16-bit version of NWC? I tried and the wayback machine but no luck.

Yes, I understand how quixotic this is. I've been spending time in Win 3.1 and I'm finding the minimalism extremely soothing. I've been using NWC for over 15 years and I know how far it's come.

I'm a registered user of the latest version, and I also still have my 1.75 cd in the jewel case, so if the registration code didn't change too much I'm hoping I can just unlock an ancient evaluation version.

Thanks for reading! You all seem lovely.

Re: 16-bit NWC?

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This should work. Good luck!
(N.B. The link expires in a week)

Re: 16-bit NWC?

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Thanks so much!

I thought I'd have to go further back than 1.75a. This zip only has an NWC32.EXE, which crashes with a MSVFW32.DLL error (I have win32s installed), but the readme says it should work on Windows 3.1. This at least gives me some clues. Maybe if I can find my optical drive I'll see if there are other versions on my 1.75 CD.

I appreciate it!

Re: 16-bit NWC?

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IIRC look for NWC.EXE, not NWC32.EXE
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Re: 16-bit NWC?

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Turns out the 1.75b CD has a WIN31 directory with a separate installer for the 16-bit version. There's also a 16-bit evaluation installer that I couldn't find anywhere on the web.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

Re: 16-bit NWC?

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Gosh, I zipped the wrong directory! Sorry.
Anyway, I'm glad you solved your problem.

Re: 16-bit NWC?

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Thanks again!

I've uploaded the 16-bit evaluation version to for posterity:

Also works great on Android, running on a Win 3.1 installation inside DosBox. All very lightweight and easy to set up.