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BarCounter numbers size

Good morning to you,
in an nwc file - and only in this one - the numbers of the BarCounter (user) are large. Wonder where you can change the size of this attribute. The same problem also occurs in the top bar.
Thank you.

Re: BarCounter numbers size

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The font used by the BarCounter user object is the same as used by NWC for native bar numbers: Staff Bold.

To adjust, go into the Page Setup dialogue, select the Fonts tab, double click on Staff Bold and change as required.

This will also impact everything else that uses Staff Bold, like Tempo markings, Instrument changes, MPC labels and Text entries that use this font plus whatever I haven't remembered.
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Re: BarCounter numbers size

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Thanks Lawrie! For time zone reasons you  :)  are always the first to answer but you are always very kind and helpful. I solved it by following your instructions.