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NWC code

I very often see snippets of nwc files published in the form of code (text).
Would you be kind enough to explain to me how to do it?
Please use plain language for my ignorance of the English language and for my ignorance and that's it.
Thank you and good day.

Re: NWC code

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Hi Lorenzo,
if you highlight a section of a staff, or even the whole staff, and press <Ctrl+C> this will copy it to the clipboard.

Paste this into a text editor like Notepad and you will see the code you are talking about.

If you want to put it into a message on this forum, start a message and simply click the # button above the edit window.

This will put a pair of tags in the message, and you can paste what you copied from NWC between the tags.

The tags will look like this:
[ code ][ /code ]
[ code ]and the code goes here[ /code ]
Please note I have put spaces between the square brackets and the "code words" so they will display instead of behaving as tags.

If you wanted to you could save an .nwctxt file from NWC, open it in Notepad, select the entire contents, copy it, and paste that between the code tags.  I don't suggest this for large files, it's greatest usefulness is in describing how parameters not normally copied into a clip can be shared.
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Re: NWC code

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You are - and you're (the first, favorable time zone  ;)  ...) - always very kind. Your explanation is very clear. I have already done a test with positive result. 
Thanks and now for you... have a nice week.

Re: NWC code

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I would amend Lawrie's instructions slightly: rather than click the "#" button, use the "Noteworthy 2" button, which is on the far left. It will add the following to your message:
[ code=nwc][ /code].
This will work slightly nicer for users who wish to download your NWC clip.

Re: NWC code

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Thanks Mike,
I didn't know that.
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Re: NWC code

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Thanks to you too, Mike.