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double dot

I have this problem. In image 1 there is the original to be transcribed. Bar No. 2 has a double dot note in the part of the sopranos and altos. To make the notes with the double dot appear you have to "bring them together" in a chord. In doing so, however, the melodic line of the altos is interrupted. Is there a method to enter the notes correctly by making sure that the double dots show up, like in the original?

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If you make the alto (lower) staff active, go to its properties <Alt+Enter> and select the Visual (tab) you will see a checkbox called:
Layered Lower Voice Dot Placement
Tick this and the dots will do what you need.

Of course you want to set stem directions for both voices, but you already know that...   ;)
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Re: double dot

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Much simpler than I thought. Thanks and happy Easter to all.