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Hello fellow Musicians,
I like to share this nu piece which to me has beethovian sonorities at least in superficial askance.
The final chord is quite surprising as i saw it to construct it by the train of thought of, A minor
plus C major plus A-flat as a unique workable conceptual ending. I believe there should be a
sector in NWC website just for original works by non-dead NWC composers. Does anyone else
think this or is it an idle idea? 9/25/2021 7:21:48 AM d/d
P.S. A while back i wanted to undertake another tune which i thought could be the theme
of an imaginary 10TH Beethoven symphony since it sounded dead on as the saying " That
is Beethoven!" & without doubt but i abandoned it i could not integrate the theme into a
symphonic transcendentalism. I may post it later on to prove my point. I completed one
symphony however, my 1st & so far my only one. 9/25/2021 7:36AM

Bout " Ode To Beethoven":
Ah1 The language of Beethoven! The 5TH in it's mechanical, personal, &
political blunt premeditated message to the world. The simple yet amply
math of it's hidden message in music to literal alpha form. This work
uses the theme in a neo-counterpoint manner exploring modal possibilities
in the easy key of A-flat. dkb 9/30/2021 1:21:49 PM

Bout " Awe Dance " Latin Alias:" Datum Tremendis Saltare":
This one reminescent of the 8th-note R.H. Yet Inverted simplex figuration in Beethoven's
Moonlight Quasi fantasia Adagio Sustenuto ix an awe dance of body form
& mental dexterity. A maelstrom of awe that is rotating majestically
even as a tap dance the applied voice a harmonic complex percussive largest
systematic chord equate in the ostinato. dkb 9/30/2021 6:10:03 PM

Bout " Altered Fur Elize ":
Not a variation but a mere alternate interpretation of his unequaled in it's own right
masterpiece that everyone knows. I used mental singing, old of mine material, & impromptu
ideas. I wanted to hear some slightly new sounds from this original work itself by just adding
& subtracting-substitutioning certain changes only.
Kyrie ix 236++=K k-squared....