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Suddenly cannot layer staffs?

Very odd, never seen the like.  This is happening with existing scores that have seen layering work just fine, and new scores, even blank ones with two empty staves.  Windows 10 20H2.  Any clue what to do?  My sweet Lori does depend on layering, for barbershop score creation.

In both of the following screenshots, layering is turned on (allowed) in File / Page Setup.  First, the top score is set to not layer the next:

<Image Link>

and second, the top score is set to layer the next:

<Image Link>

You'll notice the slight difference.

Re: Suddenly cannot layer staffs?

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Hi Jeb,
those 2 images appear exactly as I would expect in a normal edit window.  I assume you know the layering is broken somehow because you've either tried a print preview, a printout OR you've used the "Allow Layering In Edit Mode" button (6th button from the left in your image).

Would you mind letting us know which one(s) you've tried please?

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Re: Suddenly cannot layer staffs?

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And if you wanted us to see the difference in dot placing (and not the change in the background's Easy Image Uploads  ;) ), it might help to point this out also ...

The dot placing is controlled by "Layered Lower Voice Dot Placement" on the "Visual" tab of the staff. Did you set it manually, or do you say it comes on automatically (which might be when ugprading an older score - I have never paid attention to this, and have no older NWC to try it out ...).

Also, pressing F11 ("Viewer Mode") should show the staves layered - does it?

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