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How to unclick duration

I clicked the "eighth note duration" button and now every note is an 8th note. Pressing 3 doesn't change it to quarter notes. I can't seem to unselect 8th note in the menu button bar. This is 2.75a.2

Seems like a bug where the note duration got stuck. I restarted the program and it's ok now. Pressing 3 changes the button bar to quarter notes now.


Re: How to unclick duration

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Typically, this happens (to me) when caps-lock is enabled on the keyboard; also if you press 3 on the numeric pad (if there is one), num-lock must be on. But simply restarting wouldn't correct all that - so this is not a good explanation. But other than that, I have never seen this problem ... hm.

One thing you can try in this case: Press + (plus), which should switch to the next longer duration - in your case, from eighth to fourth. If this also doesn't work, the program definitely seems to be somehow "stuck" (could be Windows fault - I get this every now and then), and then restarting is the only option.