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The Trekordion? & Nu Downloads!

Here is my small contribution to my fav, the nwc program for anyone to download.
I call this form a trekordion which is simply a 1st composed solo which you can hear
by muting the lower 3rd staff which is a complete composition in it's own. But, then
by as i do just wing at it, a potential at least good ostinato might be forged with the
solo cohesively. I hope you fellow noteworthy users enjoy it and if you wish,
comment your personal thoughts. Thank you! Again two more numeric
simple itrees might be useful. Furthermore,
FUGUE of itree stand for Fire, Universe, God, U for Olfactory or nosy or hyper-inquisitive
and E for Earth. And each representing the five Pythagorean solids analogy.
This is not to precise. I however believe the Fugue to represent
a divine rotation as a parallax to the planetary electromagnetic music of Earth.
We humans live in a quadratic modularization. Which is the practical one + and -
polarity of basic mains= negatives=1-anguish,2-suffering,3-dying, and 4-death. The +s
are=1-peace,and happiness,2-strength and health,3-euphoria, and 4-immortality faith.
Then there are the secondaries which less necessary however just as real= negatives=
depression,2-boredom,3-passivity,and 4-apathy. While the +s are=1-awe,2-ecstasy,
3-fanatic at something while still healthy or not but still positive since our
mind perceives it as adamant, and 4-superficialities real only to us. the basic
ones are more than less physical while the secondary more the unnecessary psychiatric
yet universally part of the universal nature of consciousness. Also these
five elements of Fugue align to the five types of Gm midi 128 instruments in classes which
are of The H-S System= 1-Idiophones,2-Chordophones,3-Aerophones,4-Membranophones,And
5-Electrophones.I mostly merely represented them as 1st 1-element+2-geometrica= and
+3-instrument class improvisatory complex linguistic derivatives with a facet of somewhat
ridiculous humor in it. The rotation of the cubic/spherical Earth has been a komplex
affectation in all but discussed here in the music we produce similar to the mechanics
of our neuro-DNA-molecular circuitries, some of the building mechanisms of the future
of here planet Earth, these things are so smart they decide our future before we realize
it yet are intrinsically part of all of us. Other criteria in geometric lore is the
Icosahedron as the Throne Of God and the Rhombohedron sometimes used to represent man's
desire to aquire impossible lenghts of power through increased knowledge. Others the
Star Polytope even to 120-cell ratio said to illustrate surpassing diametria geometrica,
and the Starhedron known for it's representation of self-magnification through sectal
sensibility to reach God. The Novus Ordo Seclorum pineal grand in the 1 Dollar bill is
the Binary Facet of existencial fundaments itself part of the basic knowledge for a supreme
being existencial engineer to overbuild realities within realities. Academica being the Central
Core of any existence sorrounded by the primus survival juxtaposition with witfully applied lore
to hopefully outlive death indefinitely the philosopher's stone to the dicey magnum of illusive
indestructability in counterpoint with all the latter that remains. Then the decline of our
life descentia unto necrosis thought to be the natural portal medium to exceed the worldly
dimensions to the next infinite sets. Jargon after jargon of discovered and proposed concepts
that in the most merit cannot be proven yet cannot be disregarded due to their partial
sometimes mindboggling illumination or luminousity as potential science.
Just some data i wished to share with you but in these itrees one numerated from midi 0 and one
from 1 as well as The fugue itree for 5 instrumental classes. I hope you find them usefull,practical, and esthetical to promote more imagination
and it's twin clone intelligence.
Here is 1 more itree you might find useful.

please check also this link:

P.S.: Almost any GM bank sf2 for the viewer will to it justice.
Kyrie ix 236++=K k-squared....