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Bracketed Staffs - common "comands"

Is there a way that I can apply for example slurs, special endings, MPCs, or other "commands" to the entire bracketed arrangement once, rather than having to insert the same on each and every staff?



Re: Bracketed Staffs - common "comands"

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Not to my knowledge, but if you highlight the appropriate section on one staff, apply your slur (or whatever) then press <PgDn> or <PgUp> as required, the selection will follow you to the staff you go to, then you can apply the command again.

E.G. for a slur, highlight the required section (position cursor at the starting location, hold down <Shift> and move the cursor to the finish location, arrow key for an object at a time, and <Ctrl+Arrow> for a bar at a time.  Then press <;> (semicolon) which is the keyboard shortcut for a slur.

Not as nice as applying across the entire score at one time would be, but better than having to make the selection on each and every staff.

I'm going to guess you normally use the mouse for doing things?  If I'm wrong I apologise, but if I'm correct I recommend that you learn the keyboard shortcuts.  They save a huge amount of time.

For placing things like dynamics, MPC's, Special Endings etc., place the first one, copy it (highlight and press <Ctrl+C>) move to the next staff, or required position, and paste <Ctrl+V>.  This saves having to go though the dialogue box every time.

I've found copy and paste, and persistent highlighting from staff to staff two of the more convenient tools in NWC.
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