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Using Soundfonts with NoteWorthy Composer

Many of you are already using Soundfonts with NoteWorthy Composer. For those of you that don't, perhaps it's because you do not know how to set up NoteWorthy to use them.

 I have written a step by step guide to setting up Coolsoft's VirtualMIDISynth and using soundfonts with NoteWorthy Composer. Written mainly for version 2.75 but will also work with earlier versions although the instructions may not quite match.

This can be found here :

There is a pdf instruction tutorial to download as well as a resource pack. The resource pack contains all you need to follow through the worked examples given in the instruction tutorial.

The Tutorial includes the following:
  • Link to download file, Setup and installation of Coolsoft VirtualMIDISynth
  • 6 nwc music files, 4 Soundfonts, 1 nwcitree, 1 info document
  • Worked example of using a GM Soundfont
  • Worked example of replacing an Instrument in a GM Soundfont using a single Instrument Soundfont
  • Worked example of a multi bank single instrument soundfont
  • Worked example of using Percussion sets
  • Worked example of using Special Effects from GM Soundfonts
  • Worked example of adding a second device so that NoteWorthy can have 30 instruments on 15 channels (and 2 drum sets on 1 percussion channel)

My thanks to  @SEBC for the need and inspiration to do this.
Thanks also to @Lawrie Pardy for being a sounding board for some of it (Pun intended).

Re: Using Soundfonts with NoteWorthy Composer

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Thanks Rich!

Very cool and comprehensive.
I knew about soundfonts but never got into it. But this pdf was very very useful.
I'm  now exploring the 'Top 15 free Choir Soundfonts'.

And it set me to read further about nwcitrees, and I even managed to create one (for the 'all voices.sf'), and it works.

So again: many thanks!
Always look on the bright side of life!

Re: Using Soundfonts with NoteWorthy Composer

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Lifechanging! Thanks again, Richard, for the generous sharing of your time and skill.