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Title: EditMark.hmm (0.2)
Post by: hmmueller on 2018-05-24 11:15 am
I'm afraid of ... no, not Virginia Woolf, but invisible NWC objects - really invisible objects that I would not see in the editor. There are at least two of them: Transparent bars; and whole notes with a blank head. So, I wanted a marker that shows where they are, and maybe also shows some text why I put in these invisibles. But of course, I do not want all this to show up in the printed staff. Thus, I wrote this ...

The EditMark.hmm can be used to add text and dashed marks that only show up in edit mode. This may be especially useful for invisible objects (like transparent bars), almost invisible objects (very small symbols), or just as remarks needed only during editing. The dashed marks are located at the next (presumably invisible) item. Of course, the plugin itself will never be invisible - if the text is empty, a standard symbol (derived from the following item) is shown.

The attached example file shows different uses of the plugin. You might want to check out its interesting print preview.

Title: Re: EditMark.hmm (0.2)
Post by: hmmueller on 2018-09-25 06:57 pm
For certain uses in large scores, EditMark.hmm can now be a StaffSig. With this, the representation especially of blank notes and chords, but also of other objects has changed. The example file shows the changed behavior.

I won't go into more details - at some point I'll hopefully describe my ideas and practices for creating numerous printed scores from a single NWC score. 

The basic functionality of EditMark.hmm, namely to show some text that is only visible during editing, has not changed.

Title: Re: EditMark.hmm (0.2)
Post by: Rick G. on 2018-09-25 07:16 pm
I'm afraid of ... whole notes with a blank head.
Perhaps you should use a RestChord.
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Title: Re: EditMark.hmm (0.2)
Post by: hmmueller on 2018-09-25 07:38 pm
Yes, perhaps. This was more an addition to a nice-to-have plugin and a maybe-nice-to-have functionality than something really important (like the improved BarCounter); my practices for composing pieces with many voices and then creating printed scores for various groups of performers are still evolving. Hopefully, next year I'll find time to explain processes, problems and some possible solutions that help me to do "agile composing" ...

Title: Re: EditMark.hmm (0.2)
Post by: SEBC on 2020-06-21 03:02 pm
I'd like to talk to you more about the potential for this tool in my own composition work. Do you have time for that?