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Title: About Object Plugins
Post by: NoteWorthy Online on 2015-03-09 08:15 pm
Object plugins allow a variety of custom functionality to be added to your NoteWorthy Composer file. Each Object can be subclassed using specially crafted scripts that can establish new behavior for each object type. An introductory video is available on our YouTube channel:

Introduction to Manage Objects Video (


Objects are a new feature in NoteWorthy Composer 2.75.

Installing a New Object Plugin

Objects are automatically loaded by NoteWorthy Composer when they are placed into the Object Plugins folder. This folder is set from Tools, Options, Folders, and by default uses a standard Windows location.

You can automatically download and install new object plugins published here by using the Tools, Manage Objects command, which opens with Ctrl+J. For new objects, you should generally open the sample's object clip first. Click the Options button, then Check online sources. This will identify any plugin source code that can be downloaded or upgraded from the forum. You can right click, or double click, any object types that you would like to install.

If you are using Windows Vista or later, you can also copy and paste the following URL into an Explorer or Open/Save window to go straight into the default location for these plugins:

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%ProgramData%\Noteworthy Software\nwc2\UserPlugins


If you want to share an object plugin that you have created, then you can request post access to this area. Each object plugin must include a unique author designation, which is called its NWC Plugin-ID. Please indicate your preferred Plugin-ID with any request for posting access to this forum.

This forum board is intended to be used exclusively for posting new object plugins. The following rules apply:

Any topic that is found to not follow these rules will be moved or deleted.
Title: Watching for new user object plugins via RSS
Post by: NoteWorthy Online on 2015-03-11 09:16 am
If you want to watch for new object plugins via RSS, the following link is one way to accomplish this task:

Code: (link) [Select · Download];type=rss2;sa=news;board=14;limit=5
Title: Rules Change
Post by: NoteWorthy Online on 2015-08-26 10:55 am
There have been two recent rule changes: