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Title: Carl Bangs' tip for extending horizontal line (multiple bars in special ending.
Post by: Haymo on 2010-11-24 09:09 am
Carl, thank you for this tip -
I only read it today (2010-11-24) -

Just a comment, about the numbering of barlines in special endings:
As I understand it, the convention is that all the barlines under the first special ending should be EXCLUDED from the count, as per attached sample.

This convention requires one to go through the whole score, all staves, from top to bottom, to make the changes manually.
(For correct playback and performance, the special endings also have to be copied onto each staff).

By the same convention:
The "0" number for a bar number at the start of a piece which begins with a pick-up note.
Inside the piece, the barline at the end of a pick-up note is excluded from the count.
Title: Re: Carl Bangs' tip for extending horizontal line (multiple bars in special ending.
Post by: Randy Williams on 2010-11-24 02:16 pm
In every piece I can recall, the measure numbers continue incrementing right through *all* special endings.  Otherwise, by your logic, do you quit numbering measures from a coda sign through to the D.S. al coda, and resume numbering measures in the coda?!  :-)

My interpretation is that measure numbers count "static" measures - every measure is counted linearly straight through the piece, with no regard whatsoever for the "dynamic" playing order.

Also, some folks handle a pickup measure by setting the starting bar number to 0, rather than leaving it set to 1 and exclude the first barline from the count.