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Title: Using MIDI files that lack Key and/or Time Signatures
Post by: Rick G. on 2008-05-23 08:15 am
MIDI files can store Key and Time Signatures but they are ignored during MIDI playback. Often they are wrong or omitted. If omitted, NoteWorthy Composer (NWC) assumes Key of C major and 4/4 time. This is often incorrect. MIDI also has no concept of barlines which can be a problem if there are pick-up notes.

There are several ways to solve these problems. I have found that the easiest is to open the MIDI file in NWC, make a few changes and save it back as a new MIDI file. When this new MIDI file is opened in NWC, many of the problems are fixed.

I cannot attach a MIDI file here, so I attached: Carol_00.nwc
Load this file into NWC and save it as a Type 1 Midi File named: Carol_01.mid

This is, of course, the opening line of It Came Upon the Midnight Clear.

If you open Carol_01.mid in NWC it will look like the hideous mess in the first pane of the png attachment, but a few changes will work wonders. These changes are shown in the Carol_02 pane.

On the top staff:
In all staves with playing notes:
It will now look like the Carol_02 pane.

Save the song as a Type 1 Midi File and open it in NWC.
Key, time signature, tie, and barline problems are all corrected! See the Carol_03 pane.
Most of the beaming is also corrected.

A bit of tyding remains:

Delete unneeded staves. The Carol_04 pane shows the final result.

Setting Playing Style: Tenuto is not always needed. It keeps whole and half notes intact.
If there are multiple Key/TimeSig changes, they need only be entered on the top staff prior to MIDI save. NWC will add them where needed when the MIDI file is opened.
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Title: Re: Using MIDI files that lack Key and/or Time Signatures
Post by: John Kavanagh on 2008-06-12 03:16 pm
Rick, thanks so much for posting this. I do a lot of my arrangements starting from a midi download, and this trick will save me a lot of clean-up time.