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Title: Arpeggiating Chords
Post by: Andrew Purdam on 2002-05-03 01:35 pm
For arpeggiating chords (you know, that little squiggly symbol in front of a chord, meaning "ripple up"):

This works well, though if you are using very fast tempi you may wish to increase the note length of your "arpeggiators."  Download the file arpeggio.nwc ( (1K) to see an example.
Title: Re: Arpeggiating Chords
Post by: NoteWorthy Online on 2002-05-03 01:36 pm
Editors Note: Though arpeggiated chords are not supported in NWC, the song moonlite.nwc in the NWC Samples folder uses Insert: Text to show the symbol { in the Standard Group top staff. The arpeggiated chord sound is then notated in the Hidden Group top staff. Measure 59 is one place the arpeggiated chord is located in the song. The Standard group is for printing (and display). The Hidden Group is for play back. Thus, while playing back the file and displaying the Standard group, it looks as though the { is playing back like a arpeggiated chord. To see all of the staves, go to File: Page Setup, Contents and select all the staves. To put staves in different groups like Standard and Hidden, etc. use Staff: Staff Properties, General tab, enter name.