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Title: Repaint Text Problem
Post by: Steve Allen on 2000-07-26 04:00 am
In v. 1.7 scores with long text entries, I find that NWC sometimes doesn’t repaint the entries completely when I scroll them into view from the right, i.e. scroll backwards through the score to reveal the entry. I know that F9 is an option, but it shouldn’t be necessary.

Title: Re: Repaint Text Problem
Post by: NoteWorthy Online on 2000-07-26 04:00 am
Well, the F9 function exists for just this case. It is true that we could make this unnecessary, but at the expense of speed/performance while you scroll through the staff.
Title: Re: Repaint Text Problem
Post by: Steve Allen on 2000-07-26 04:00 am
I thought it might be a problem NWC didn't know about, a consequence of the longer text entries allowed in v 1.7. Perhaps someday, when we're nostalgically reminiscing about those slow 2 giga-hertz computers we used to use, wondering how we survived with 100 gig hard drives, you can look into it.
Title: Re: Repaint Text Problem
Post by: NoteWorthy Online on 2000-07-27 04:00 am
Yes, those days will be interesting, especially with Fred still using Windows 3.1 on a 2GHz computer. Fred will have to look around, of course, but will find a manufacturer that still provides Win 3.1 drivers.

So, this seems like a good thread to inquire as to the Windows 3.1 users. How many Windows 3.1 users lurk in this forum? If you use Windows 3.1 and the 16-bit NWC 1.70, we would be interested in a reply from you in this thread.
Title: Re: Repaint Text Problem
Post by: Fred on 2000-07-27 04:00 am
As NoteWorthy Support pointed out, I still use (and like) Win3.11. But I do have a dual-boot system, and can use either at will.

Curiously, to run Win95 OSR2 on my AMD K6-II/500, I had to install a patch so that the CPU wouldn't outrun the "operating system." No such patches were necessary under Win3.11, and I've demonstrated to myself on many occasions that apps load and run faster on the simpler GUI.

I believe that there are still quite a few people running slower computers (486, Pentium 75-133) who would benefit from using win3.x. What's really curious is how many of these people (including, for instance, my brother) who installed Win9x "just because it's there" and now have to take an extended coffee-break while their machine boots.
Title: Re: Repaint Text Problem
Post by: NoteWorthy Online on 2000-07-27 04:00 am
I knew you were there Fred. I was not intending to belittle your use of Win 3.1. Rather, I am acknowledging your dedication.

- Eric
Title: Re: Repaint Text Problem
Post by: marsu on 2000-07-27 04:00 am
Well, not 3.1 for me, but 3.11 . As Andrew (I think) pointed out long ago, it's much better for video drivers.
I'm using it on only an old laptop (486SX, an expensive thing at its time). I finally gave the multiboot on my desktop PC, so I also use the 32 bit version too!
I didn't try the 32bit on my 3.11+Win32s though. Fred, did you?
Title: Re: Repaint Text Problem
Post by: oops on 2000-07-27 04:00 am
...gave UP the multi...
Sorry, it'sgetting late (or early rather)
Title: Re: Repaint Text Problem
Post by: Robert A. on 2000-07-28 04:00 am
I use a laptop with Pentium-100 clone, Windows 98, 64 Meg RAM. I have indeed observed that the operating system sometimes bogs it down: Supposedly, my machine should run faster than it does on a number of Win3.1-compatible applications that I have. So, here's my question: Is there a free, (legal!) "downgrade" to Win 3.11 +32s that any of you know about, that could be installed and run as an alternative to Win98 ?
Title: Re: Repaint Text Problem
Post by: bug on 2000-07-28 04:00 am
Me! I use Noteworthy on 3.11 as well! I still keep my workhorse sequencing computer with DOS and win 3.11... I still use the dos voyetra sequencer that came with my original sound blaster pro. I haven't found a more efficient midi sequencer ever.

(my other computer is a 750 with 128meg ram and the windows 98 running on it is incompatible with everything except noteworthy) Netscape crashes every day at least twenty times.

But yeah, the win 3.11 computer has an old HP laserjet 3. with Noteworthy I get great scores off it. I am thinking of starting a publishing company on that computer! it also has word 6 so I can make my own templates for the music.
Noteworthy is kickass.

so whether you support it in the future (I'll still run the latest win3.1 version) is up to you. don't let it hold you back if you can add drum tracks tho!
Title: Re: Repaint Text Problem
Post by: Fred Nachbaur on 2000-07-28 04:00 am
marsu - yes; the 32-bit version of NWC runs fine on Win3.11/win32s. Since a specific 16-bit version is available, though, that's what I use. Another 32-bit app that run fines under this system is (thankfully) GSview.
Title: Re: Repaint Text Problem
Post by: Joy Byford on 2000-08-08 04:00 am
I'm a Windows 3.11 user (16bit version)who lurks in this forum. (Just that an earlier post asked for us to make ourselves known.) I do actually now also have access to a new PC running Win98, but have kept NWC on my original machine - to avoid the hassle of transferring my registration to a different PC.
Title: Re: Repaint Text Problem
Post by: John Kavanagh on 2002-04-21 06:21 pm
I use Win 3.11 at home on a 386! It's a little slow, and a few NWC things (select staff) don't work on it.  I just received a Pentium, which I need to get a little work done before it becomes my main computer. I would prefer to use Win3.11 on it, but I may have to keep the Win95 it came with only because I can't get hardware drivers for Win 3.11.

I think Win 3.11 users like it because it's simple and practical compared to later versions. Like an older car, you can get under the hood and fix things yourself. Also, a lot of things I do often take more steps in 9x versions than on Win3.1. I use my computer for email, word processing,and Noteworthy, and the cutting edge of 1980s technology suits a neo-Luddite like me just fine. I think about 80% of computer users get pressured into buying far more machine than they need.