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General Discussion / Re: Contacting Support
If you have the old computer or have a backup of the C drive, in the area where the program was installed (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Noteworthy Software\ ) you will find a folder called setups.  In that folder you will find a setup program for nwc275.

Copy this program and use it to install on your new machine. If you also need to install the viewer, you can download and install this from the NoteWorthy web site.

I tried to install from the website and it wants me to pay $49. I just had to pay $1,500 for the new computer and my budget is kicked in the head since I am on limited income.

If I am able to somehow get the file from the old computer (which at this point is questionable) will I have to pay again?
General Discussion / Re: shared Beamed notes
I have never been able to make layering work.

So, should I write each part on its own staff and then layer?

I'm sorry if my question is silly. I'm an old man and the learning curve is a problem.

Plus, at this point, I won't be able to do it, because my old computer died that I had NWC on. I can't get a response from support regarding reinstalling the program on the new computer.
General Discussion / shared Beamed notes
Is there any way to beam notes in both up and down-stem situations?

For example playing two or more 1/8th notes in the bass clef for tenors and bases. When I enter a pair of shared notes and tell it to beam them, only the down stems get the beam. This is not the way it should be. Both down and up stem should be able to be beamed in shared notes. I have tried using a linespan but it looks terrible.

Any suggestions?
General Discussion / Contacting Support
Has anyone had success in contacting support recently?

I've been a NWC user for many years. Last week I had to replace the computer I had it installed on. Now I can't reinstall without buying it again.

I have emailed Support but have not received a reply.

If there is anyone that could help me, it would be deeply appreciated. I have several songs in the works and need to work on them.

Tips & Tricks / How do I use Drumref in samples
I'm trying to add a percussion staff to a song. I found the Drumref file in samples, but I can't figure out how to make this work in the song. If I copy and paste a measure from the sample file into a standard staff it does not come out as percussion.

I've examined the properties of each note in the sample file and can't see how it changes. Also, staff properties don't show anything. I thought it was in the instrument controls, but that doesn't show any instrument assigned to the staff.

What am I missing?

FYI, I am trying to add the rhythm to the song "Traces" by the Lettermen. I have written parody words for use with a senior citizen group.

Any help is appreciated.

If needed I will upload the "Traces of Age" NWC file.
General Discussion / Listen to the Hammer Ring sound effect
Has anyone ever created a sound effect of a hammer striking a piece of steel?

Or could someone show me how to create such an effect?

I've tried some of the sounds in various instruments such as the celesta instrument but nothing comes close to what I am needing.

If you want to hear the sound I am needing it is in a YouTube video Listen to the Hammer RIng which is at URL

I am writing a song that I want to use that effect and export as a midi file.

Any help would be appreciated.
Tips & Tricks / Is there a way to put narrative text above the treble clef?
I am writing an Easter Cantata. I have a script that needs to go above the treble clef.  This is what a narrator would read while the instrumental is played before the choir begins singing. It would also be script that would appear above the score in the middle of a particular piece.

Is there any way to do this in NWC?