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General Discussion / Re: MIDI export to include Note_off
Another quirk: at least with my Roland, it requires an AllSoundOff message on each channel to not have stuck notes. Some software sends an AllNotesOff message, other software sends both AllSoundOff and AllNotesOff messages on each channel.
General Discussion / Re: MIDI export to include Note_off
Yeah, got this response from Roland Tech Support:

The software you are using seems to be using a non-standard message. The Bluetooth functionality does support standard MIDI note on and note off messages. There is no way to add support for different non-standard messages used by different vendors.

I replied back to them that I did not agree that it was a non-standard message. Then I quoted from the MIDI 1.0 specification the section about the "two roughly equivalent means of turning off a note". I also included this: "sending Note-On messages with velocity values of zero is the most commonly used method."

Probably won't accomplish anything but at least they can't say nobody told them!
General Discussion / Re: MIDI export to include Note_off
Thanks, everyone, for the help. The script did what I wanted it to however... the end result was not what I hoped for.

In the owner's manual at the beginning of the section on Bluetooth it says "MIDI data can be exchanged between this unit and the mobile device." The explanations follow for how to pair, etc, etc. It's only after you try doing all that and finally look in the "Problems with Bluetooth Functionality" section that you discover this:

     Bluetooth MIDI is only compatible with iOS.

So... I guess Apple and Roland both get credit for this one. MIDI over USB works as expected, over Bluetooth is out of the question unless you are a fan of Apples.

Thanks again for the help.
General Discussion / Re: MIDI export to include Note_off
Maybe you would care to inform the Bluetooth interface on my Roland RP501R of that choice fact? At the moment it is not aware of it. See Reply #2 above.

To repeat, if I play a MIDI file containing Note_On with velocity zero using the USB interface, all works as expected. If I play the same file using the Bluetooth interface, every note stays on until I manage to shut them off by playing another file or using the USB interface.

I know what the standard is but in my case, the instrument does not fully abide by the standard. Hence the workaround, convert Note_on with velocity zero to Note_off commands.
General Discussion / Re: MIDI export to include Note_off
Maybe so, but the RP501R doesn't interpret it that way when using the Bluetooth interface. It seems to interpret it correctly when using the USB interface.

When the Note_off command is used the note actually turns off regardless of which interface is being used. When the Note_on with velocity 0 is used, the note keeps playing when using the Bluetooth interface, it turns off when using the USB interface.

Given what I see in the Roland's use of Note_off, the velocity value is ignored by that command:
1, 525, Note_off_c, 3, 64, 83
1, 529, Note_off_c, 3, 60, 64
1, 541, Note_off_c, 3, 67, 40
1, 579, Note_off_c, 3, 55, 57
General Discussion / MIDI export to include Note_off
Here's what I did: I recorded something on a Roland RP501R digital piano and then converted the MIDI file to a CSV. I exported a MIDI Type 1 file from NWC and then converted it to a CSV. I noted a very important difference: the MIDI file recorded on the piano contained a Note_off for every Note_on while the MIDI file exported from NWC contained no Note_off commands at all.

Is there a way to have NWC include Note_off commands in the MIDI export file?

I do see on that "A MIDI file is not based on visual notation, but on commands to turn notes on and off." I don't see any Note_off commands in the exported file.

User Tools / Re: Test Release: nwc2musicxml
Quick question: Is there a way to set the default output directory? It automatically goes to My Documents and I would like to set another one as default if possible.