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Thanks, Rick G.  That is the sort of effect I'm trying to achieve, but it's going to be extremely tedious to have to put sust... General Discussion Re: Smoother piano so... 2017-12-14 04:46 pm
I realise that I can use phrase markings to control the smoothness or otherwise of notes, but if I want a smoother piano soun... General Discussion Smoother piano sound ... 2017-12-13 09:14 pm
Thanks for the explanation, Rich.  I understand what needs to be there for it to work at present.  What I had in mind was tha... General Discussion Re: Relative speed ch... 2016-02-21 06:45 pm
I have a massive collection of songs in NWC, having used the program for many years.  It's fantastic, and I keep finding new ... General Discussion Relative speed changes? 2016-02-21 11:45 am
Aaargh!  I never looked on the Midi tab - I assumed it would be on the Editor tab :-( :-( Thanks! General Discussion Re: Turning off playi... 2015-12-09 07:49 pm
I don't even know what to search for to see if this has been discussed/answered before, so apologies if it has!Is it possible... General Discussion Turning off playing o... 2015-12-09 05:04 pm
2 wishlist items, please1) I usually use the "Extend the last system" feature, but while it's often ok, it sometimes ends up ... General Discussion Wishlist requests 2015-11-19 09:26 pm
Ok, thanks for the responses - at least I haven't missed something very obvious!Could this be added, if it's not there alread... General Discussion Re: Numbering verses ... 2014-11-03 05:09 pm
I frequently need to number the verses in lyrics.  Currently, I do this by putting the number on the beginning of the first s... General Discussion Numbering verses in l... 2014-11-03 10:40 am
I seem to have some odd behaviour with the stem directions and beaming, particularly when I'm transposing.  I'll use this sni... General Discussion Problem with stem dir... 2014-11-02 10:38 pm

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