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2006-05-04 05:17 am
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Nothing ruins a good hobby like doing it for a living...

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Yamaha?  I used to think so -- until I bought a Roland Super JV-1080 Synth module.  WOW!  And it's basically an older one.  I... General Discussion Re: Sound sucks on Vi... 2007-06-01 05:11 am
Wonderful!! Thank you!  Works great now! Mark General Discussion Re: Glitch in nwc2upd... 2006-05-05 02:39 am
Same here....really threw my compositions for a loop!  No triplets, and all former triplets are gone!  HELP! I have to finish... General Discussion Re: Glitch in nwc2upd... 2006-05-04 05:19 am

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