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General Discussion / Re: Transposing help
Lawrie is right, except for the last trick on going from alto sax to tenor sax.  For the tenor part to look and sound right it needs to end up have a transposition of -14, and those directions put it at -2.  In other words it looks right on the screen but would sound an octave higher than it is supposed to.

But that's not what the original thread was about...
User Tools / Accessing the User Tools on a new laptop with Windows 7
I just upgraded to a new laptop with Windows 7.  The main NWC program works great, but I cannot access the user tools (and I can't live without them).  I did install the user tools, but the <alt> + F8 doesn't bring them up.  I know with my new machine you need to press the function key to activate the F8's & F1's and such, but <alt> + <function> + F8 doesn't work; and <function> + <alt> + F8 doesn't work; and the other various combinations I've tried do not work.

Please help!
General Discussion / Re: Accidental Notes
Don't forget that you can trick NWC into putting in courtesy accidentals by adding a hidden key signature (just remember to change it back with another hidden key signature).

Example:  In the key of C you want to have a reminder for the B natural, simply add a hidden F key signature & NWC won't remove the natural - since it now serves a purpose.
General Discussion / Re: Very Rare Instruments
Just to add to the confusion, some instruments have more than one name.  For instance, the soprano trombone is the same thing as the slide trumpet.  They are both keyed in Bb, have the same range as the regular trumpet, etc.  Interestingly, trombone purists do not claim the instrument - and it is not traditionally used in trombone choirs.