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General Discussion / Re: Just found this...
We used to "connect to the net" back in the day :)

My first -demo- copy of NWC came on the bonus CD of a computer magazine and it was also 1996 or at the latest '97.
User Tools / Re: Compound Auto-beam
That must be it Rick, thank you very much :) I gave a longish break to typesetting stuff for printout and evidently that detail slipped my mind.

It's good to be somewhat active again, though I had been silently lurking all the time ^^
User Tools / Re: Compound Auto-beam
Thanks guys. Tried Rick's example and it worked. I was trying to use it on a selection (which I remember used to work) and it didn't work. Apparently I have to use it on the entire staff.

PS: Always updating to the latest NWC ;)
User Tools / Compound Auto-beam
Hi friends,

Compound auto-beam has stopped beaming since the last update (or the one right before that, not sure). No error message is returned, it apparently runs, yet it does nothing :(
General Discussion / Re: When is NWC going to support Unicode?
AFAIK Unicode doesn't work directly on NWC lyrics. That's -beside other things- why I don't generally use NWC output as a final product, but convert per page basis to EMF and do the rest of the editing in OpenOffice Drawing.

سلام ايله (with greetings/peace)
User Tools / Backing up your script commands (Re: Getting started with NWC2 User Tools)
I was going to ask this but discovered myself (aint I smart? :D) and wanted to share:

So you have quite a few user tool scripts with various parametres stored under your Tools > User Tool... dialogue as I do? Probably you'd like to to make a backup of them now and then. But how? So simple.

They are stored in a plain text file named nwc2UserTools.ini under the directory defined in Tools > Options > Folders > Config Files, which is by default \NoteWorthy Composer 2\Config.

Backup that file. :)

PS: Thanks Eric, updated per your post!
General Discussion / Re: Feature Request: Subtitle
It's unfortunate that I feel obliged to export metafiles from NWC to OpenOffice every time when I need to make DTP quality scores.

The wish has one supporter down here.
General Discussion / Re: The "NEW" indicator
Weird. I've never seen the new indicators ever screwed up in an SMF (or YaBBSE) board (or ever worked correctly in other boards!) till now. The spell is broken?

Does the forum store the new/read post data in one's profile or in cookies? The latter has more potential to cause trouble, especially with IE.
Tips & Tricks / Re: NWC to WAV to MP3, WMA, MP4, or OGG
None if you're going to record it playing, unless you wish to post-edit your midi file in a sequencer such as Cakewalk etc. But the mentioned programs above, which do the midi-to-wav recording without really playing your file, require a midi file.
General Discussion / Re: Eric??
Eric is somewhat like Manwë (and there's indeed a Varda) for the nerdies who will understand what I'm talking about. ;)
General Discussion / Re: NWC2 Clip Text in the new forum
The lucky users of Mozilla and Firefox can benefit of a neat extension called BBCode to paste clipboard text directly as code (and more).

With some patience you can add other tags not included within the extension or change the defaults. ;)
General Discussion / Re: quarter tone
If what you're asking is literary quarter tones, then inserting a pitch bend controller with the value of +/-4096 will do the job. For more complex tuning tasks, you'll need to calculate the necessary pitch bend values using third party programs such as Scala or Harmonic Analyser.

General Discussion / Re: uneven rythms
Hi Linda,

Andrew Purdam has created a user tool to autobeam uneven metres for NWC2. It works very well in most cases.
General Discussion / Re: Best soundfonts?
General User GS is my main SF. On Robert Lim's recommendation, I loaded sYnerGi-8MB on Synth B. Add a few single instruments and organ dumps, here is my current list (second level indentation showing instrument numbers):


  • #000 GUGS 1.35
    • #024  QUACK'S NYLON
    • #041  SOLO VIOLA
  • #010 AWE Organ
  • #042 JEUX

  • #000 sYnerGi-8MB
    • #042  WARM CELLO
PS: Will replace the Creative SW Synth's ECW with the 8MB one. Thanks for the reminder, albeit an indirect one. ;)
General Discussion / Re: Eastern Tone System/Microtones
Sorry for missing this thread (and the forum in general).

Please send email to ertugrulinanc at superonline dot com for the font. It's been "in progress" ever since, which is why I haven't submitted it to the Scripto. Maybe I should have it uploaded as beta anyway.

Thanks for your interest.
General Discussion / Re: New User Tools
Thanks Peter. I think I'm going to modify/use it for hiding the pedal markings.

Is the VBScript interpreter something built into Windows or should we download it as we do the php.exe?
General Discussion / Re: Unicode font
NWC is Unicode incapable and although I'm a loyal customer and fierce supporter of NWC I have to say that it's a great incapability for a type of DTP in our age. I hope Noteworthy Software consider getting rid of this incapability in the near future, which has been a nuisance for non Western European/American users ever since.

That all said, you can use all Latin characters in a suitable font changing its Script value accordingly in Page Setup > Fonts.
General Discussion / Re: Question about NWC2 - Importing midis
FWIW, in old versions of NWC1 (maybe prior to 1.70) we used to import and export MIDI as we do in NWC2. The open/save as vs. import/expert paradigm is an intermediate one, between the identical old and new.

My 0.01 [abbr=New Turkish Lira, nominally $ 0.74, € 0.57, £ 0.39, ¥ 79.96]YTL[/abbr]
General Discussion / Re: MPC: The Pitch Bend Tutorial
What exactly do you want to use the pitch bend function for? Let us know it first. If you wish to apply slides/glissandi using it, the usage is simple. If what's in your mind is retuning your piece, then, although the basics are similar, you will need to do more work.

The basic principle goes likes this: A pitch bend controller simply changes the frequency of the note it is applied by values of 8192, which is one tone in the MIDI standard. The "initial" value in the controller dialogue sets that. The settings 2, 3 and 4 set the values of the same note (or following ones) according to the duration set by the "time resolution".

"Absolute" makes the controller work in "steps" as in a piano or harp glissando, while "linear sweep" enables a sliding as in a bowed/wind instrument or voice.


See the image:
(will be removed after a while)

The controller sets an initial value of -8192 (whole tone) to the following note. After one quarter note worth time passes, it switches to -2731 and so on. Finally, the note ends a whole tone higher than its written value.

For a sweep effect, change "absolute" to "linear sweep".

General Discussion / Re: Forum window close script not working, after message post?
The above plants were me testing with various browsers. (Apium graveolens, both the root and the leaves cooked with olive oil, is a treat and Petroselinum crispum's juice is probably the best natural cure for diabetis. Have the plant itself raw or with your salad.) I noticed that user bios are hidden to the non logged in.
General Discussion / Re: Making PDF's of NWC's ?
My choice of free PDF creator has been PDF Creator for a while, which seems to be working without any noticeable problems and producing decent results. It installs itself as a printer and all you need to do is printing your document using that printer.

However, my standard way of producing printable scores involves post editing the EMF output (Print Preview > Copy) of NWC2 in OpenOffice drawing application, which can export directly as PDF.

General Discussion / Re: RSS News Feeds
A good reason to bump this up:

Mozilla Thunderbird mail/news client has started to support RSS feeds from version 1.0 on. Note that this feature is (at the time this post is written) unique to Firefox (1.0) and NOT available in the mail/news applet of Mozilla Suit 1.7.5.

Updates can be followed at the Mozilla website.
General Discussion / Re: New forum layout - glitch?
I like the new colour scheme. Refreshing. :)

Well done Eric and co.

PS: In your free time, would you consider enabling Alt+P and Alt+S shortcuts for preview and submit respectively? It's -by great majority- the common practice in forum software.
General Discussion / Re: Paste Special
Hear hear! I had requested paste special during the private beta. I'm aching for it all the time, especially when I'm to notate a piece with lyrics.