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Bigoud47;     Have you tried cropping it with Draw, the graphics editor that comes with It is a vector graphi... General Discussion Re: importing the cro... 2010-05-11 03:28 pm
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Evening All;     Which is why Lawrie is the virtuoso and I am just a plain NWC2 User. I bow to his knowledge on this one. His... General Discussion Re: Solo notation in ... 2009-12-09 12:56 am
Add a whole rest to the measure and set it to display never, then place the comp marks as a text string. be sure to check the... General Discussion Re: Solo notation in ... 2009-12-07 05:58 pm
My pleasure. Just glad something came up that I was actually able to anwser. <lol> General Discussion Re: Playback problems 2009-11-30 10:36 am