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General Discussion / Re: Notation Flow
oup, it is really simple.
of course, i allready tried to use repeating bar, but i did'nt think to use of volta bracket in combine.
oh, how stupid i am.
thanks a lot for your very help mr Rick. G

rtm. sibuea
General Discussion / Notation Flow
 Hi folks,

i have a song that the notation and the liryc flow should be as per the attached file.
the liryc flow is not due to my expected.
please folks, how to make a correction.


General Discussion / Tool for bulk modification of the File info.
Hi all,

I am a NWC 1.75 user since september 2003. I upgraded it to version 2.0. Now, I have a thousands of NWC File.

I want to modify the personal description i write  down in the comment field of the files, to make them to be uniform. It will cost a big of time to modify them one by one.
Please, can somebody help me?? or is there any tool for bulk modification of the File info??

(pardon of my bad english, i'm not an english speaker)