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General Discussion / Re: Multiple systems on same page
OK.  I think I understand what you're saying.  I got the result I was looking for.  It seems a little clumsy, but it gives the output I'm looking for.
Is there a better way?   (file attached)

thanks for your help.
General Discussion / Multiple systems on same page
This has probably been beaten to death here, but I haven't found it.

I'd like to make a page of snippets for myself and a student, of "difficult" selections from different pieces of music.  They're different lengths, in different keys, but I want them on the same page to be practiced together.  This would be a collection of multiple one-staff systems.  I don't know how to do this.

Can anybody help with this one?  I'm an occasional user (I generally use NoteWorthy to help work out tricky rhythms.)

Thanks for your help.